Black Curtain  Photo Booth

Our latest booth and guessing to be our most POPULAR booth yet.  We will still have our silver inside the booth which really makes the images POP, but wanted to offer our clients more options for their event or wedding.


Slow Motion Booth

One of the hottest new trends is the slow motion booth. We bring lots of fun and crazy props for your guests to use and then after your event we put together a slow motion video of all the hilarious things your guests do at your wedding. This video can range in length up to 5 minutes.

Your guests will be raving and laughing watching this video when you share it on facebook or we can password protect it for guests to login and watch video after wedding.
Don’t forget we can add photography pictures at the same time and have the pictures printed on site for your guests to bring home.


Original Photo Booth

Our Original booth has been our main photo booth since the beginning. It looks very professional and blends in well at any event or wedding! This is probably our most popular booth and works well with business, corporate, or high school events.
The booth Size is 5X5, leaving plenty of room for multiple guests to get in the picture.

Our photo booth doesn’t have a chair or bench it in, allowing your guests to be more creative with their pictures. Inside the original booth the color background is silver, which brings out the colors your guests are wearing and gives their clothes a pop of color in the photo strip. We are a 5-star Wedding Wire rated company with some of the highest reviews in all of the midwest and are quite proud of the quality of service we can offer our clients.


White Photo Booth

Our White Booth is the same size as our original booth. We can get up to 10 guests in our booth, but have gotten as many as 14 in the booth. Booth size is 5X5, plenty of room for many guests to all get in the picture. Inside the photo booth the background color is white. The White Booth will give your event or wedding a very classy and elegant look!

Open Air Photo Booth

Are looking for a vintage style open air booth with an elegant backdrop? We custom designed this booth specifically to have the vintage wood look. This is an open air style booth with many different backdrops to choose from. If you are going to have a vintage style wedding reception, this is the perfect booth for you and we will also custom design your photostrips to the theme/style of your wedding. We also put a professional flash on top of booth so your images are incredibly crisp and clear. Give us a call today to learn more about the different options we have available to you.

led-booth (1).jpg

LED Photo Booth

The LED Booth is our latest design with different color LED lights changing to the sound of music, how fun is that?! Your guests will be amazed by the glowing lights of the LED booth and it’s quite the hit at any kind of event. The size of the photo booth is 5X5, so we can get a lot of your guests all in one picture. We use commercial grade equipment, which allows the guest line to move quickly. This is the key to any photo booth you decide to go with. No one wants to stand around waiting to get into the booth, or waiting for their pictures for that matter. Ours print in a measly 13 seconds, so your guests aren’t standing around waiting long to re-experience and laugh at all the fun they just had in the photo booth!

To reserve the LED Booth, please add an additional $50 to our package prices.

Green Screen

Green Screen can be so much fun!! We offer many different size prints for your guests or digital copies if needed. There are many different quality levels with green screen. There is automatic green screen that has a terrible quality or the professional software we use that allows to get clean/clear pictures for your guests or clients. Some of the options available: Send us backdrop photos you would like to offer to your guests. (Up to 6 Photos) Baseball cards or movie posters with your guests on them. (Contact us for card/poster options) Contact us today to learn more on our professional green screen options!

Church Photography

Is your church looking for on-site photography? We have many elegant and professional backdrops to choose from. We will print copies on-site for your members to take home. Your members can also have a link to download their professional picture after event.